Gevatrans P.C. Keeps on Consolidating their Business


We want to inform you that since 1st of June 2019, Gevatrans P.C. launched a new and convenient service for your shipments when coming from South East China.

Along with the cooperation with one of the global leading master loaders, the company provides consolidated air shipments.

How do they obtain it?

- They have acquired BSA (Blocked Space Capacity Agreements), mainly with Emirates Airlines, which focuses on customer service and transit times.

As a result, they have the opportunity to:

- Get competitive rates even for smaller shipments. This allows you to be as cost-effective as possible to transport your goods using air consolidation.

- Offer 3 consolidations per week from HONG KONG and 1 per week from SHENZHEN & GUANGZHOU.

Let Gevatrans P.C. know about your consolidated air shipping needs NOW and they’ll make sure to help you to come up with a cost-effective solution within reasonable TT.

Please contact Angeliki Zissi for more information:

Mobile:  +306944367485


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It is wonderful and amazing to be a member of G7N with a very good exposure to the worldwide logistics players. G7N Conference is a great way to get exposure, and we got to meet a lot of other members, and develop business relationships. It is incredible and very exciting to be a part of your valuable network.
Sobel Network Shipping Company has had the pleasure and privilege of being a part of the G7 Network for a few years. The G7 Network has had a reputation of being very well managed by an excellent team. Membership to the G7 Network is very exclusive with a small group of companies that are well connected and trustworthy, creating lifelong friendships even beyond the scope of work. Through these connections and networking, the G7 Network has provided some very lucrative opportunities for Sobel Network Shipping. We look forward to being a part of the G7 Network family for many years to come.
G7N continues to be an amazing network for developing business partners and key relationships globally. Being such a dynamic operation, communication remains very prompt at all hours over a wide variety of channels, creating a friendly and vibrant atmosphere between all members. The knowledge base within the G7N Team themselves remains astounding and would certainly recommend them as first port of call.
As founding member of G7N we wish to point out that we are extremely happy to be part of the group which has been growing constantly in the last few years in spite of the challenges coming from COVID 19 emergency which is causing unprecedented troubles to all of us, in our business and personal lives. G7N management succeeded in passing through this “crazy” time with lucidity in mind and with the right measures to keep members tied and constantly in touch.
The concept and environment G7N team created for the conference and the Cargo Weekend is awesome, it allows you to build a friendship that is the base of strong business relationships. I hope I can keep being part of this family and meet all my new friends in the conference to come representing JM Logistics.
Being a proactive and professionally managed network with its productive members and overnight replies to all inquiries together with providing a sense of confidence with its financial protection system, we as 3K Logistics, Turkey are very much delighted & glad to be a member of this valuable family.
Having recently joined the G7N Logistics Network, I must say the team behind the scenes make every effort possible in ensuring partners are well connected with each other no matter the nature of the consignment. The network does a fantastic job is ensuring that all members despite their geographical locations feel part of one family!
Thus far, Owakhe has been seeing potential in the group and we look forward for another exciting year ahead.
The conference and members are awesome and the interactive atmosphere is particularly impressive! Never seen such a difference in networking and opportunities for everyone! You can feel the professionalism, experience and the energy of the network!
Yes we really do enjoy our G7N conference. For the last 23 years that I’ve been attending network conferences this one is really special and cool. Members are so friendly you will really feel that we treat each other as family. We feel found a family with G7N.



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